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Doctor And BusinessmanLFT has been providing interim staffing to healthcare delivery organizations for 14 years. We have a pool of very experienced people – across ALL hospital leadership positions – working interim assignments over and over again. They are good at what they do.

Hospitals typically connect with LFT to fill positions on an interim basis for the following reasons:

  • The position is a hard one to fill;
  • A certain department is broken;
  • The hospital needs a seasoned person to mentor an internal candidate to step up to the next leadership level;
  • The hospital wants to have a test run with a candidate to see it he or she is a good long-term match for its needs;
  • A current employee is going to be out of work for an extended period of time; or
  • The hospital needs more leadership for a finite project (like The Joint Commission visit).

The return on investment is remarkably low for an interim. Yes, you pay more than you would for a typical salaried employee in the same position. And you may have to pay for the travel and housing expenses. On the surface this may seem like a big cost, but these are variable expenses that keep your OR running at capacity and your case managers from missing things that would cause a patient to be readmitted. One surgery missed or one patient readmitted in a month is more costly than the additional expense of an interim for that period. And remember, interims are LFT employees and, as such, we pay all employee taxes and benefits.

On the other side, half our work is for permanent placements for our clients, as we understand that interim isn’t always the best solution for everyone. We continue to expand our recruiting talent having each of our recruiters focusing on a specific job category. We also continue to grow our internal database and proactively recruit for qualified candidates. The goal is always to find the top talent as quickly as possible. We can discuss any staffing concerns you have and put together a program specific to your needs. We want to be an extension of your team and work together to find the best solution unique to you. What most of our clients do have in common is the growing vacancies in their hospitals, making it very difficult to calculate what the appropriate amount of time and money should be spent to find that top talent.

If any of this sounds familiar, or is causing you angst, give us a call. We are here to help make a difference for you.