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Top 10 Positions LFT Is Asked to Fill

Posted by on Oct 26, 2017 in The LFT Blog | 0 comments

For each of the last three years, I have presented in our newsletter a list of the top 10 positions for which we are requested to do searches. We get a lot of feedback on these particular newsletters. I guess people like top 10 lists. So here we go for 2017… Top 10 Positions LFT Is Asked to Fill Finance/Accounting Staff Service Line Clinical Directors (cardiology, GI, OB/GYN, oncology, orthopedics, etc.) Service Line Clinical Managers Periop CNO CFO ICU HR Practice Management Quality & Risk Management There have been some notable shifts in demand this year versus previous years. First,...

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When Interim Leaders Make Good Financial Sense

Posted by on Sep 28, 2017 in The LFT Blog | 1 comment

After 18 years as a hospital HR leader, I really do understand the intense financial and budgetary pressures leaders face today. Really tough staffing decisions, the kind that used to make me question my personal values, are made on a daily basis and leaders fear they will be labeled ineffective by asking for budgeted resources. Personally, I used to always err on the side of the team, sacrificing my too limited budget dollars for the greater good, but have learned the hard way that there are times when you need to be upfront and realistic about the true cost of unfilled positions. Times...

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Posted by on Aug 31, 2017 in The LFT Blog | Comments Off on NO DEVIATION

We talk about deviation – or should I say NO DEVIATION – a great deal at LFT.  Our search process is a little different from others in our field, both because we offer interim staffing solutions (which typically requires incredibly rapid turnaround and, therefore, a very buttoned up process) and because we go to great lengths to understand both our clients’ needs and our candidates’ capabilities.  For both interim and perm, it is a very “high touch” process where we work hard to stay connected with talented candidates, both long before and after any actual search. A little snapshot into our...

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Pizza Friday

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When I first arrived at LFT three summers ago, I bought pizza for the team one Friday for lunch (big spender!) and said they could use the time together to ask any questions that they wanted about the company but were afraid to ask. Pizza Friday has evolved since then in a number of ways. First, it happens every Friday now (I’m pretty certain I had no say in that). Second, we now tend to eat healthier food (except when baseball season opens, in which case we eat hot dogs and Dairy Queen). And third, the number of people at lunch continues to grow. Growth is definitely fun. Challenging but...

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LFT Survey: Hospital Staff Turnover & Hiring Report – A MUST READ!!!

Posted by on May 25, 2017 in The LFT Blog | Comments Off on LFT Survey: Hospital Staff Turnover & Hiring Report – A MUST READ!!!

A few days ago, we released the results from 852 surveys completed by C-suite leaders, clinical administrators, non-clinical administrators, physicians, and nurses from hospitals and ambulatory organizations across the country.  Titled THE OTHER ELEPHANT IN THE HOSPITAL ROOM, the survey captures the human capital challenges that these organizations are facing.  I found the results to be nothing short of stunning.  We all know the staffing challenges that the industry, as a whole, is confronting.  What this new data shows is that the issues are far more severe than we expected. A few...

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Addressing the other elephant in the hospital room: Our 2017 Industry Survey

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We recently conducted a national survey of more than 850 people who work at hospitals, in part to continue better understanding what candidates are concerned about or looking for in their health care careers. The questions focused on a variety of departments and positions ranging from C-suite, clinical administration and non-clinical administration to physicians and nurses and the results are both intriguing and troublesome. The results might make you ask “Who’s going to take care of me the next time I go to the hospital?” A lot of the knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry is...

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