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LFT Survey: Hospital Staff Turnover & Hiring Report – A MUST READ!!!

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A few days ago, we released the results from 852 surveys completed by C-suite leaders, clinical administrators, non-clinical administrators, physicians, and nurses from hospitals and ambulatory organizations across the country.  Titled THE OTHER ELEPHANT IN THE HOSPITAL ROOM, the survey captures the human capital challenges that these organizations are facing.  I found the results to be nothing short of stunning.  We all know the staffing challenges that the industry, as a whole, is confronting.  What this new data shows is that the issues are far more severe than we expected. A few...

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Addressing the other elephant in the hospital room: Our 2017 Industry Survey

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We recently conducted a national survey of more than 850 people who work at hospitals, in part to continue better understanding what candidates are concerned about or looking for in their health care careers. The questions focused on a variety of departments and positions ranging from C-suite, clinical administration and non-clinical administration to physicians and nurses and the results are both intriguing and troublesome. The results might make you ask “Who’s going to take care of me the next time I go to the hospital?” A lot of the knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry is...

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Who the heck is going to take care of me the next time I go to the hospital?

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A couple of weeks ago, we sent out roughly 12,000 survey requests for our first national survey of people who work at hospitals. It is part of our effort to continue to get better at understanding what people are concerned about or looking for in their health care careers. After all, it’s our job to know the candidates, right? Many of you received and completed the survey, so I wanted to make sure to say thanks for helping out. We have 850+ completed survey responses to date, with more still trickling in. Our survey focused on C-suite, clinical administration, non-clinical administration,...

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Why Hospital Talent Acquisition Is An Impossible Job

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399 hours. That’s how many hours it took us to fill a recent search for a Director of Patient Care position, including sourcing, resume vetting, screening, interviewing, background checks and more. 13 total weeks from our signing the agreement to the candidate’s signing of her offer letter. A very typical search. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the data. DIRECTOR OF PATIENT CARE Number Of Possible Candidates Estimated Hours Required Research       Finding Candidates In LFT Database 1351 6   Posting On LFT Website 54 1   Networking With Previous LFT Placements For Ideas 37 37  ...

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The Cost of a Single Unfilled Position

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By Bill Haylon, CEO The number one issue that always presents itself when discussing hiring needs and staffing with hospitals is cost. Hospitals are facing budget shortages, and recruiting the right personnel is an expensive proposition. But, many people we speak with are only focusing on the upfront hiring costs and not factoring in the revenue that filling a single position might drive. Take for example one of our most searched areas of the hospital – periop leadership. The operating room (OR) typically accounts for more than 40 percent of a hospital’s revenue. Given that, a single week...

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The Cost of Never-ending Fire Drills

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How much of your time do you spend reacting to “fire drills” at work? Not calling the fire department type, but rather the unanticipated occurrence which you have neither the time nor resources to handle. Fire drills might be figuring out how to cover for someone on your team who called in sick or a surgeon operating on the wrong body part. And everything in between. A surprise budget miss? A harassment complaint? An increase in patient falls on weekend evenings? Not ready for the pending Joint Commission visit? Layer on top of this all that has been happening with healthcare public policy....

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