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Many of you know Dan Moore, who handles business development for us in much of New England and upstate New York. When I arrived at Leaders For Today in June 2014, Dan had only been with the organization for a couple of months. So when I came in and began to change many of the processes, the culture and more, it was a little daunting for him. In fact, while he will never admit it, the change probably scared the heck out of him.

For several members of the original team, it was too much. They didn’t last, and I fully understand that. Change isn’t for everybody. But Dan stuck with it, and I admire him for that. His first year was no doubt challenging. As a long time recruiting company person, we didn’t do things the way he was used to. It was different, and admittedly it was hard to trust that it was going to work. Especially when the change was being driven by a couple of people he didn’t know particularly well. The great thing about Dan, however, is that he is a bulldog. Unbelievably hardworking, honest, caring and just plain nice. But a bulldog just the same.

Dan dove in to re-learn recruiting in what is now the LFT way. Can’t pitch it if you don’t know it. After more than enough frustration, he figured it out. And he has been doing a GREAT job.
I have incredible respect for Dan. As I mentioned, he is a really good person. Turns out he is a really good father too – his oldest son received a Fulbright Scholarship and is heading to the Far East to take advantage of the unique opportunity it provides to further his education. Not too shabby. And his two younger kids seem to have their acts together as well (Kyle could toast me in any sport he chooses.) Dan also is a great teammate to the people here at LFT – doing whatever is needed to help our clients or our people.

With all of this as background, we wanted to let all of our friends know that Dan has been promoted to Vice President. Please take a moment when you can to wish him congratulations. It is a very well deserved bump, and one that gave me great pleasure to relay to him (while eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, no less – but that’s another story).

We are really glad he is on our team. Would like to find more just like him.

Congratulations Dan!

Bill Haylon



  1. Congratulations Dan – a promotion certainly well deserved. I was so impressed the day I was introduced to you and Elizabeth. Clearly, you work so diligently to connect the right candidates to the right clients. The relationships you’ve created are everlasting – you’re the BEST!!!

  2. Congratulations Dan,

    You are by far one of the most polished, genuine executive recruiters and leaders in the field.

    Your discernment and relationship skills are undeniably internal strengths.

    Good luck to you in your new role. I’m sure you will continue to excel.

  3. Congratulations Dan!!!

    I must say your pre and post interview calls shows your dedication to making sure candidates are prepared and well informed. I thank you for that.

    Again, Congratulations.