Derek Vogel

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One of the fun things I get to do in my job is to promote people.  Of course, that only happens when you have talented, honest, hardworking team members who make a difference. Right?

Here is the story of my next promotion – someone many of you have met.  And if you haven’t, then you should.  I met Derek Vogel in a different life.  I was running another young company, and Derek was fresh off a number of years of playing professional basketball in Europe after a cup of coffee in the NBA.  I had watched him play basketball a couple of times and witnessed this incredible discipline and competitive spirit, along with the ability to see everything that was happening on the basketball court in a way the others didn’t.

We hired Derek (no one else in the company could dunk), and he launched his business career with us – applying those same character traits to a different world.  He was very much an “outside-the-box” candidate, but I think that is, in retrospect, a big factor in his success to date.  He is a doer.  He packs a lot into a day without ever losing his credibility.  He is bright in a pragmatic way.  He is a leader, a partner, and a friend.  And he is about as straightforward and earnest as anyone I have ever met.

It’s a privilege for me to announce the promotion of Derek Vogel to Chief Operating Officer.  He has been an important part of re-thinking LFT’s process to better serve both our candidates and our clients.  And I hope he will continue to help lead us for many years to come.  Congrats Derek.  Am really glad you are on our team.

Bill Haylon



  1. Congrats and God bless u richly in your new position

    • Thank you!