1. Why is a position open on an interim basis instead of permanent?

Hospitals may contact LFT to fill interim positions for many reasons:

  • The job has already proven to be a hard one to fill;
  • Certain departments are not functioning effectively;
  • The hospital needs a seasoned mentor to work with an internal candidate to step up to the next leadership level;
  • The hospital wants to have a test run with a candidate to see it they’re a good long-term match for its needs;
  • A current employee is going to be out of work for an extended period of time; or
  • The hospital needs more management during a finite project (like The Joint Commission visit).

2. What is the benefit of doing Interim work?

Interim work is not boring. You are likely to feel engaged in a way you haven’t in a long time. Typically, there are problems that need to be solved and challenges that need to be addressed immediately. That’s the benefit to an organization for hiring an interim. The average assignment runs just over six months and virtually all of our interims feel incredibly fulfilled by what they are able to accomplish.

3. Will doing interim work hurt my resume?

Just the opposite. Our interims all have many years of experience in their selected fields. Working interim assignments quickly exposes them to experiences and problems that require strong leadership. They end up with a more attractive resume because of the breadth and intensity of these experiences. Also, with the time we spend learning your backstory, it is easy to talk through all your experiences and the benefits they’ve had on your career.

4. What benefits do LFT interims receive?

As an interim, you receive a per diem rate for the days you work. Because you are working an extended period away from home, the pay can be pretty good. As an interim you are an employee of LFT – you receive your paycheck from us. We handle all working benefits as needed: health, dental, life, unemployment and disability insurance, workers compensation, and a 401k. In partnership with the hospital, we provide housing and travel during assignments, including opportunities for reimbursed travel home during assignments. This varies hospital to hospital.


1. When I submit my resume, where does it go?

If you submit your resume to the LFT website, it is distributed to our recruiter who handles your particular job category. At a minimum, our recruiter adds you to our active database of candidates, but typically they will reach out to introduce themselves and chat about your background and what you might be looking to do in your career.

2. How does your process work? What are the steps?

When you start communication with one of our recruiters, you will be asked to submit an updated resume, and we will schedule an initial phone call to get to know each other better and learn about your interests and what you’re looking for. If there is a potential match with an active search, we will set up a skype call or in-person interview with the recruiter and lead business developer for the search to have a full length interview. We want to learn as much as we can, so we know if you’ll be a good mutual fit for the position.

Once the internal interviews have been completed, you will be asked to record a one-way (i.e., video) interview that will help the employer make a decision more quickly on next steps in the interview process.

When everything is completed, we submit a full packet with your resume, a summary of your story and your video interview. At this point, if the hospital wants to move forward, we will start to schedule interviews with the client. This process varies hospital to hospital.

3. What does it mean to work with a recruiter?

Working with a recruiter means to have a partner through the hiring process. You are working with someone who commits to getting to know you and your story. We will be transparent with you throughout the process and keep you updated every step of the way. Our goal is to create the best match for both the healthcare organization and for you by taking the time upfront to learn where you will be most successful.

4. Will you help with my resume?

We won’t write your resume – that needs to come from you. What we will do is work with you to help gear your resume towards the position(s) you are interested in. All resumes that are sent to the client will have your approval first and will not contain any of your contact information.


Have any other questions? Send us an email info@leadersfortoday.com or give us a call 781-772-2295