LFT Survey: Hospital Staff Turnover & Hiring Report – A MUST READ!!!

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A few days ago, we released the results from 852 surveys completed by C-suite leaders, clinical administrators, non-clinical administrators, physicians, and nurses from hospitals and ambulatory organizations across the country.  Titled THE OTHER ELEPHANT IN THE HOSPITAL ROOM, the survey captures the human capital challenges that these organizations are facing.  I found the results to be nothing short of stunning.  We all know the staffing challenges that the industry, as a whole, is confronting.  What this new data shows is that the issues are far more severe than we expected.

A few highlights from the survey data:

  • More than two out of five people surveyed indicated that they had been with their organization less than two years; a similar number are planning to leave within the next two years.  
  • The pending retirement pool is a bigger problem than anyone is anticipating.
  • Hospitals are turning over more than half of their critical staff every five years.
  • Most talent acquisition strategies being followed will not keep up with the demand. 

There is no doubt that the survey data strikes a chord.  Think about the implications of the above highlights.  How do you institute LEAN initiatives or safety programs if everyone in an organization is new?  Becker’s, Healthcare Dive, Managed Care, and several other healthcare publications have pointed to the report already. Another article is coming out in early June that will discuss the potential implications the survey data raises.  The point is that this is not just about getting our name in print (although that certainly helps).  Rather, we have been able to quantify critically important human capital issues that healthcare delivery organizations are going to have to actively address if they want to be able to survive and compete.  Healthcare, after all, is delivered by people, and the industry needs to address why people retention is so low versus other industries, and why the process of landing a new job so cumbersome.

You can access a copy of the results by going to our website.  You have to enter your contact information, but there is no cost.  Then take a few minutes and read the survey summary.  You will not find it a waste of time.

A special thanks to all of you who participated in the survey.  We’d love to hear your comments.

In the meantime, call us if we can help.