Looking Forward After a Great Year

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I am happy to report that 2014 was the best year in LFT’s history – made possible by great clients, a great team and great teamwork.  We were able to enjoy 2014’s success for about a day and then it was back to figuring out how we get better at what we do for our clients.  In case you haven’t noticed, I can get a little maniacal about continuing to raise our performance bar.

We’ve done searches for over fifty positions this year.  Four job categories made up almost half of the search requests we received:

  1. OR/Periop/Surgical Services
  2. Case Management
  3. Revenue Cycle Management
  4. Physician Practice Management

Of course, this is not a surprise.  These roles reflect either the hospital’s most critical revenue stream or the areas experiencing the most change as a result of new hospital competitive and/or reimbursement dynamics. With the significant financial importance of each of these roles, a truly strong director or manager pays for him or herself many times over.  The Director of Periop who can keep surgical suites fully utilized is incredibly valuable.  A Revenue Cycle Manager who can recapture millions of dollars is worth his or her weight in gold.

We have continued to see the same trend, which is that hospitals wait to pull the trigger on filling holes or upgrading their talent. Billion dollar organizations spend six months trying to find an internal or external leadership candidate before asking for help.  I consider how many surgeries are not getting performed because of surgical suite inefficiencies or how many potentially collectible AR dollars continue to get written off, and I can’t make sense of it. Harvard Business School professors would have a field day.

We are careful in searching out and screening high quality candidates who can quickly address the issues you have. We have exceptional interim talent from a growing group of leaders who have worked for us in previous assignments.  And, if you like the individual we place with you on an interim basis – and they like you – we will support a conversion to permanent.  This is a significant change from LFT’s approach in the past, as converting an interim to perm means losing an asset.  But as you’ve heard me say before, we will always prioritize what’s right for our clients and our candidates.

As we grow, we have also added some great talent to our internal team.  I would like to welcome four new faces:  Justin Bilik joins us as Regional Director of Business Development responsible for Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic.  Steve Miglizzi is our new Regional Director of Business Development for Connecticut and Rhode Island.  And, last but not least, Ashley Bivens joins us as an Executive Recruiter and Elizabeth Mahoney as an Associate Recruiter.  There is a lot of health care experience in this group, and we are thrilled to have them on the team.

Our door and phone are always open if you’d like to talk about what we do. It’s my favorite topic these days…

Bill Haylon