Our Process

conference_hiWe kick off our interim and permanent searches with an intake meeting. The goal? To help us better understand where you’re coming from. Our team works hard to get to the heart of your needs and culture. We work to not only help you find the most qualified candidate, but the best candidate for your unique needs.

After gleaning this information, we get to work on the fun stuff—seeking out great candidates.

Some information we will ask you:

  • Job description
  • Goals you want the interim to achieve
  • Special skills or circumstances of the position (Are you going through a merger? CMS audit? Moving to a new building?)
  • Why the position is vacant
  • Special licenses or certifications required
  • Who you’d like involved in the interview process
  • Title and information on the direct manager of the position
  • Location/building of the position
  • Ideal start date
  • Interim to permanent hire possibilities
  • Current salary for the position on a permanent basis

We then consider the cultural fit, technical capabilities, management style, and experience of our candidates to determine who might match well with your team.  After our internal review, we present the best candidates to you.  Once you select a candidate, we manage the onboarding process for you.

Of course, filling your healthcare leadership vacancy is just the beginning. We check in with all of our leaders out there, to ensure that the placement continues to match and quality teams are being developed.