"My initial placement through Leaders for Today provided an opportunity to accept a position well suited to my experience and professional goals. While I am now in a permanent position, I would certainly work with Leaders for Today should I decide to once again explore interim employment opportunities. I would encourage others who may be considering interim leadership opportunities to look to LFT. It will be a rewarding experience."

Interim-To-Perm VP Patient Care Services

"I have been working for LFT for 2 years now and really have to say that it has been an incredibly great experience. LFT has consistently offered a great level of support for me and has matched me to assignments that have allowed me to truly utilize my strengths. I have been given opportunities through them that I never would have found by myself. They truly are advocates for both their employees and their clients which for me has resulted in personal job satisfaction as well as a great sense of pride in my professional success and feeling of positive contribution in healthcare."

Interim VP Physician Practice

"Interim work is not for the faint of heart. It is at the very least a very rewarding challenge. First you are introduced into a unique organizational culture with a specific set of deliverables. You assess and strategize your approach and ultimately perform your magic to achieve the goals. Leaders For Today is with you every step of the way…. supporting and mentoring behind the scenes to assist you in achieving ultimate success. It’s a great company to work for and with that I am proud to represent them."

Interim Psych Nurse Manager

"As an HR professional, I hold exacting standards for vendor-partners. LFT epitomizes the hoped-for quality, professionalism and client-focus. As a temporary executive, LFT provided me with the support, respect and care needed to ensure my success. As a client, LFT exceeded our firm's expectations."

Interim-To-Perm Chief Human Resource Officer

"Leaders For Today has been an amazing group to work for. I was pleased that everyone from recruitment to human resources and payroll, to the travel agent who makes all the reservations have been so helpful, friendly, and efficient. I really appreciated the extra touches, check ins and the thoughtful thank yous and support throughout my assignment. I highly recommend Leaders For Today if you are looking for an agency that will work with you and for you. They really have supported me along the way and made my first Interim Management assignment meaningful and memorable. My desire is for a longstanding working relationship with this organization!"

Interim Case Manager

"I am a professional interim who has had the good fortune of working with Leaders for Today over the past eight years. Leaders for Today is the most professional, responsive, and ethical firm in the field. For each opportunity, they made sure I was well prepared and provided support along the way. They really care about the interim's success, as well as the clients' satisfaction. On several occasions, I needed to hire other interims to work with me to fill other critical leadership positions. My first call was always to Leaders for Today as I knew they would work hard to find the right fit and their candidates are "head and shoulders" above the rest. Leaders for Today is a "class act" that always delivers."

Interim CNO and Vice President of Clinical Services

“LFT gave me a great panel of candidates. I was extremely impressed by their qualifications. LFT has open lines of communication and they vet candidates very well. They truly took the time up-front to understand our unique and specific needs.”

Assistant VP of Perioperative Services
(Position filled: Interim Director of Operating Room)

“LFT has done two permanent searches and one interim search in the last year for us. They do a great job because they have strong knowledge of the marketplace and understand healthcare. I will absolutely continue to use LFT on future searches.”

VP of Human Resources
(Position Filled: Lead Case Manager)

"LFT is a wonderful organization to work for... my experience of seven months was excellent and the work assigned was extremely challenging and rewarding. Never a dull moment. Should I be in a position looking for work trust me Leaders For Today would be the top of my list. Everyone was personable and helpful, and those placed in the field feel very supported."

Interim Director of Human Resources

“Interim work is very rewarding. It provides the opportunity to problem-solve using all of the skill sets I’ve developed over the years. I had a great experience working with LFT and found their entire process to be efficient, supportive, helpful, and organized.”

Interim HIM Project Manager

“LFT is the most professional organization of this type that I’ve ever seen in my career. The on-boarding process was excellent. They were professional from beginning to end. They worked to make me feel valued, and the way I went about my work was congruent with how LFT does their work.  My experience was tremendous and I would recommend LFT to anyone. I am proud to work with them.”

Interim VP of Human Resources

LFT is a very team-oriented and wonderful company. It was a pleasure to work with such nice, supportive people. They were always available, very accessible, and I believe LFT is better than other firms. They truly find out what the client wants, and communicate that with the interims and hold us accountable while not micromanaging.”

Interim Director of Case Management

“LFT delivers on promises. They are also quick to get candidates to the table. In fact, this is the first good experience I’ve had with an interim firm. The quality of candidates was much better, and LFT was engaged and involved in what we needed rather than just finding anyone to fill the role. They wouldn’t put a round peg in a square hole like the other firms do.”

Chief Human Resource Officer
(Position filled: Interim VP of Human Resources)

LFT delivered someone quickly who could meet the needs we originally established along with the needs that cropped up along the way. The level of professionals is at a higher caliber than the candidates from other firms. [Our interim] provided tons of value-added. He accomplished a great deal. He grasped what needed to be done and moved forward with a minimum amount of coaching.”

VP/General Counsel
(Position filled: Interim Director of Benefits)

“LFT is very good – I can always trust them to find a quality person and they deliver. This search went quicker than we thought it would, and LFT is very knowledgeable. They have a deep bench in order to draw on candidates in the market, and they respond in a timely manner. We are now doing a difficult search, and LFT doesn’t hide the fact that good candidates can sometimes be few and far between, but that’s why we use LFT: they are telling the truth.”

(Position filled: Director of Physician Practice Administration)