Thank You To Our Interims – the people that go the extra mile!

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Do you ever sit down and take a minute to think about your own accomplishments? Think about how you’ve gotten where you are – professionally and personally? Think about the obstacles you have had to overcome and the hurdles you have had to jump over? Now think about who helped you get there because I guarantee you didn’t do it alone.

Here at LFT, we operate in a “we” culture. We try to put the team first. It’s not about individual accomplishments but rather, how can we make the greatest difference for our team. If you’re adding value to your organization, individual success comes with it. In other words, adding value in such a way that it helps our employees, our candidates, and our clients accomplish more.

I’d like to share a story with you that has really touched me. We received a call a couple of months ago from a great client/friend. Unfortunately, this particular client has a very important leader who suddenly became ill. This person has worked at the hospital for a number of years, and is essential to the daily hospital operations and overall staff morale. She is a wonderful talent but, more importantly, an amazing person. We needed to find her and the hospital a partner that could mirror her style, and give her the necessary support to get through this difficult time.

Typically, people taking on a new position, whether interim or permanent, often get caught up in titles, compensation, reporting structure etc., and have a tendency to look past the importance of their mission and overall cultural fit. Knowing how difficult this placement could be, we reached out to a friend and shared with her the situation/opportunity. After a short moment to pause for the appropriate words, her only comment was, “I have to help.” We got the process in motion and four days later, she left her comfortable (and very lucrative) position to fly 4,000 miles away simply to help someone in need. She didn’t ask about titles or compensation but only, “where do I need to be, and when can I start?” She did this all in hopes to make a positive difference in someone’s life … nothing more. Now, isn’t that what healthcare in this world should be all about?

There are many, many good stories regarding our interims. An OR director jumping in where there was no director or manager, or another person working nights and weekends to literally rebuild surgical suites. These are the individuals that are called upon in short notice to leave their homes and to live for many months in a hotel in a different city. They are typically put into challenging situations and, unfortunately, don’t always get to see the rewards of all their hard work. Most of these people are in the healthcare industry because they love helping people and don’t hesitate to jump in at a time of need. Their passion is very clear. To all of you working tirelessly for us and others, we would like to say, “Thank You!” I can’t tell you how much we really appreciate the time and effort that goes into every single assignment.

Take the time to thank the people around you. It’ll make you smile, too.

Derek Vogel