What Marketing Means to Me at LFT

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As I continue to recover from my sugar fix at LFT’s recent “Festivus” holiday party (we borrowed liberally from an old Seinfeld episode), it is providing me with a reminder of the uniqueness that makes our culture so special here at LFT.  We believe in breaking the mold in our approach to most things we do– beginning, of course, with the staffing process. Most recently at our holiday party, we donned “festivus costumes” in lieu of cocktail attire and had a grab-bag of amounts LFT will donate to our charities of choice in lieu of a secret santa.  I’ve found that although I may have taken the holiday sweater contest the most seriously, everyone here is competitive, quirky, and passionate about building stronger healthcare teams every day.

I am responsible for marketing at LFT.  With the exception of our recent re-branding and website design, I spend virtually all of my time figuring out how we can strengthen our personal connections and find talented candidates.  As you may have gathered, we would rather spend our money on talent than on advertisements.  We know that if we can consistently provide the highest quality talent and best possible fit, our clients will find us.

A big part of this puzzle is making sure our interims feel connected to the rest of the team.  We call our interims regularly and send many group emails.  We send “care packages” to them on Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and their birthdays.  We are making great strides with systems to better track their performance and job status, so that hospitals can more readily gauge and access when talent is becoming available.

What I have learned in my time at LFT (aside from the danger of stringing holiday lights too close to opening doors…) is that it is critical for us to foster and maintain personal connections with everyone in our extended LFT family – candidates, placed interims, clients and employees alike.  We are all working daily to make sure we are doing a better job of this, and it is certainly making for a fun and satisfying culture.

If you have any questions or comments on how we can stay in touch, our re-branding, our current marketing efforts, the company, or where I found my fantastic holiday sweater, please call me! I love to talk about what we do.

Stephanie St. Thomas