What We Do

Fourteen years ago, we set out with a passion and mission to provide interim management staffing to hospitals.  Today, we partner with a broad spectrum of healthcare organizations, including teaching hospitals, for profit, community and critical access hospitals, physician practices, ambulatory care centers, community health centers, hospice organizations, and, soon, health plans. We’ve also added a permanent search capability to the mix. That way, we’re better positioned to recruit and place either interim or permanent leaders—from managers and directors, to vice presidents and CEOs (about sixty different functional positions in all).

While your need for talent might be urgent, we do more than just fill positions with warm bodies. We always keep in mind what’s best for you over the long-term. We know that, to avoid problems down the road, the candidate we place must have exactly the right skills, experience and understanding of your organization’s needs and expectations. That’s why we invest the time upfront to gain a deeper understanding of your senior management, line managers, and human resources.

What does your organization really need?  It may take us a little longer to find the answer. But you can rest assured—we’ll always identify the right person. We’re talking about that unique person who has the leadership to bring function to a dysfunctional department, who has the experience to lead a JCAHO accreditation, and who has the patience to train and guide internal candidates up the career ladder.

At the end of the day, we know it’s not just about finding candidates who meet your high standards of quality, safety, collaboration, and workflow. It’s about your bottom line.