Why I’ve Loved Working with LFT

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I first encountered LFT when Dan Moore stepped in to help me with a very tough interim search. I was working in recruiting at a hospital in Connecticut and had countless interactions with agencies vying for my time, but from the beginning I found Dan and the whole LFT team to be different.

Agencies I had worked with in the past never seemed to spend the effort to get to know my needs or the culture of the hospital; I spent a lot of time receiving names of “great candidates” that were clearly not the right fit for our positions – or even very good candidates at all. I valued that LFT was honest: when we had a difficult search, they truly listened to what I needed to prioritize, what issues we were running into internally, and where we could both be flexible in order to find the right fit.

After more time working with the LFT team, I was blown away by the dedication throughout the company to quality and teamwork. I could see the honesty, the genuine caring for business partners, candidates, and fellow employees which I find can be lacking in other agencies. With that commitment to respect and teamwork, productivity can seem limitless. While working with them, I just kept thinking, “LFT is TRULY different!”

And you can probably see where this story is going… I am so excited to now be a part of the LFT team as an Executive Recruiter. As much as I loved working in the hospital setting, I now get to dedicate time and focus on finding the right candidate. I get to proactively find candidates rather than relying on the best candidates to apply for a position, and it allows me to foster relationships with incredibly talented people all over the country. I love learning the many needs of the great healthcare teams we work with, and matching our talented leaders with the right next step for their career.

If you would like to talk more about working with (or for!) LFT, please reach out – I love to talk about what we do!


Jolie Frechette
Executive Recruiter, LFT