Giving Thanks at LFT

Posted by on Nov 26, 2014 in The LFT Blog | Comments Off on Giving Thanks at LFT

As the Thanksgiving holiday looms, I’ve been spending some time thinking about all of the things for which I am grateful at LFT. If you’ve been reading our updates, you know that we’ve been very focused on finding the high quality candidates our client organizations need.

As I am still relatively new to LFT, I find myself continually impressed with the integrity, motivation and quality of our incredibly strong interim team. I typically only meet candidates after they have spoken with one of our recruiters, so there are some qualities that I have found myself taking for granted as a “given”: strong clinical skills, remarkable leadership background, and positive attitude.

Last week, we found a great fit between one of these candidates and a large physician’s organization in the area. Again, I knew how fantastic our candidate was, and felt good about how she would boost morale and meet the needs of our client. In this very fast-paced environment, I rarely see something that causes me to pause just to appreciate it, but I couldn’t help doing so when I received a text from the CEO that read: “SHE’S FABULOUS! THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

So, to our recruiters who work tirelessly, patiently, and speedily to find our remarkable interim teams and permanent candidates: thank you.

To our candidates who surpass expectations with a smile along the way: thank you.

We hope you all are able to reflect on the things you are thankful for this Thursday, and maybe even enjoy some pie, too.

Derek Vogel