Do Hospital HR Departments Face an Impossible Task?

From an outside perspective, filling a single mid-level position at a hospital should be an easy task.
You post a job, interview a few candidates and you have your person. The reality, and the data, tell
a much different story.

Understaffed and dealing with a significant percentage of openings, hospital human resources (HR)
departments are already facing an uphill battle. Add in that the demand for new candidates greatly
exceeds the supply, and HR departments are looking at a near impossible task. In fact, the healthcare
unemployment rate fell to a record low of 2.6 percent in January.

That’s how long it takes Leaders for Today to fill the position of Director of Patient Care – from
attracting candidates and vetting resumes to conducting interviews and checking references. While
a dedicated search firm with a full staff dedicated to hiring can manage this process within several
weeks, HR professionals have a full plate of other responsibilities.

Quite literally, there aren’t enough hours in the day for hospital HR departments to fill their open
positions if they do the work themselves.

Now repeat this process for every position you hire.

The number of hours required to effectively find quality candidates leaves HR departments in an
impossible position. This is where the value of staffing and recruiting firms comes into play.

Every hospital should map out a realistic plan of how they can invest in the right areas and map out
their internal resources to fill their open positions. Without a strategy, hospitals will continue to face
rising openings and limited options.

See how you can leverage outside experts to help make the impossible possible.