Two Years Later

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Two years ago (June 14, 2014), I took over the leadership role CEO of Leaders For Today – with no experience in recruiting other than having been a client.  As a long time entrepreneur, my interest was in fundamentally changing an industry that is, on the whole (there are certainly exceptions), slow to deliver, expensive, and guilty of recirculating the same mediocre candidates.  People write a lot these days about “disruptive” healthcare organizations and technologies.  We aren’t by any means aiming to be disruptive. Just better.  And a little more creative.

In our first full year with a new approach, we grew 16% and are on a pace to grow 30% this year in an industry that is essentially flat.  That’s a step in the right direction.  What is more important is for us to understand what is driving the growth and make sure it is sustainable.

1.  We have built and continue to build a GREAT team

  • We continue to hire, and we hold the same standards for our clients as we do for ourselves.
  • We see the value in having some really smart, out-of-the-box people that bring a different perspective and complement our skillset.
  • We provide our team with a lot of continuing training on hospital operations – so we know what happens to a patient from the moment he/she walks into the ED to when he/she is discharged by the case manager.

2.  We have really improved the search process

  • We have a proactive candidate identification process where we work to find good talent BEFORE we ever receive a search assignment.
  • Our recruiters specialize by job category, allowing them to build stronger networks of capable candidates rather them spreading them too thin.
  • We provide candidate videos to our clients to allow the screening process to be both better and faster.
  • Our cycle time is less than half of what it was in 2014 (which indicates that maybe the above points are working for us).

3.  We are investing in technology

  • Interim onboarding is now all done and stored online.
  • The candidate videos give us an accessible and easily library of good talent.
  • We are building a next generation web product (can’t share the details yet) to dramatically enhance the sourcing and screening process for our clients.

4.  We are increasingly structuring partnerships where we are the sole or one of a select few recruiters for clients

  • We can understand the clients and their needs better and can, therefore, move faster.
  • We can offer better advice on staffing and positions.
  • Our clients get improved pricing.

What we are doing is not magic.  We need to make our services work better for you.  It’s good old fashioned elbow grease.  And a little bit of luck.  Do we still make mistakes?  Absolutely.  We admit them, learn from them, and move on.  But two years into it, it’s working.  The change we sought is beginning to take hold.

Call us any time.

Bill Haylon

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  1. Hey Bill
    Sounds like the right recipe for success! Congrats and best wishes.

    Mike Cullen